Our 2024 Homeownership selection process will begin sometime in the beginning of next year. To learn about the Habitat St. Charles Homeownership Program contact Shana, our Homeowner Support Manager for questions. She can be reached at shana@habitatstcharles.org or 636-978-5712 x 118.

Here’s What a Newly Accepted Partner Family Can Expect:

1. The family agrees to perform a minimum of 300-450 “sweat equity” hours in building their Habitat house or other Habitat projects. Required work hours will depend on the number of applicants. Sweat equity hours support and foster the efforts of Habitat to provide decent, affordable housing for low-income families. Sweat Equity hours may be earned as follows:

  • To qualify for a Habitat house, the signer(s) (applicant & co-applicant) must each complete 150 sweat equity hours. Additionally, 150 sweat equity hours can be completed by members of the extended family, friends, and neighbors. Hours completed by applicants and their friends and family are counted towards the total number of hours required, which is 300-450.
  • Families must complete all sweat equity hours prior to closing on the house. However, if the Family Support Committee determines that special circumstances prohibited completion of all required hours, it can, upon approval by the Board of Directors, devise an alternate work plan.
  • Up to 90 of the required hours may be fulfilled by the applicants through community involvement or self-improvement programs as approved by Habitat.
  • Families are required to attend educational seminars sponsored by Habitat’s Family Support Committee during their first year in the program. Sweat equity will be granted for each seminar attended.

2. Construction related work authorized under this agreement must be assigned, coordinated, supervised, and approved by the Construction Manager acting on behalf of Habitat.

3. Once the family has signed this Work Partnership Agreement, sweat equity work shall occur on a consistent basis during the construction period. Most sweat equity work is done on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Therefore, at least one signer must be present each Wednesday, Friday or Saturday during construction. Exceptions can be made by Habitat at its sole and absolute discretion. If a family is not fulfilling its obligation by being present weekly to work, the family’s Work Partnership Agreement may be terminated. The family must continue to be present and working until the construction is completed.

4. Construction work performed under this agreement is limited to persons aged 16 or older and in accordance with guidelines established by Habitat. In general, persons aged 16 through 20 can work in a construction area but only in situations that do not involve undue risks and hazards to the workers or others present. This work must be supervised by a parent or other responsible adult.

5. Habitat will make every effort to provide meaningful non-construction sweat equity work for those wishing to participate in the program but unable to perform construction work. This includes family members under age 16, but in that event supervision by a parent or other responsible adult is required. While such work will be counted toward the total requirement of this agreement, Habitat cannot guarantee the availability of non-construction work. Non-construction work will be assigned and approved by the Executive Director or the Family Support Partner.

6. Families are encouraged to contribute 100 hours of service each year after completing this agreement in support and furtherance of the work of Habitat for Humanity.

7. The Sweat Equity Time Tracking Sheet/Volunteer Sign-In Sheet will be used as the means for recording and tabulating work hours. The Construction Manager or the Family Support Partner is responsible for approving all entries to this form. Their determinations regarding the number of sweat equity hours performed shall be final.

8. Work performed under this agreement is expected to be of reasonable quality and to the benefit of the total work of Habitat. Work not meeting Habitat’s reasonable quality standards will not be counted toward the fulfillment of this agreement.

9. In the event that the family violates the spirit of this Agreement, Habitat does reserve the right to deselect a family at any time prior to Closing. Grounds for de-selection include, but are not limited to such actions as listed below:

Fraud or misrepresentation of facts and information on the application for homeownership;

Failure to complete the requirements of the letter of conditional acceptance (i.e. sweat equity, homeownership classes, continued demonstration of financial stability and credit worthiness);

Negative change in economic circumstances which affects the applicant’s ability to meet the monthly payment beyond foreseeable remedy; or

Presence on a sexual offender database.

10. Should the family become disqualified, all work performed by or on behalf of the family will be considered a donation to Habitat for Humanity. The signer and family herein release Habitat for Humanity from any claim for compensation as a result of such work.

11. Closing on the home must occur within 90 days of Habitat’s receipt of a final occupancy permit.


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Non-proselytizing policy

Habitat for Humanity International and its affiliated organizations will not proselytize. Nor will HFH work with entities or individuals who insist on proselytizing as part of their work with HFH. This means that HFH will not offer assistance on the expressed or implied condition that people must adhere to or convert to a particular faith or listen and respond to messaging designed to induce conversion to a particular faith.