Hours for shopping  : Wednesday – Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Hours for donating: Wednesday – Saturday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm


APPLIANCES – We LOVE appliances, working and not! Refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, garbage disposals, trash compactors, range hoods, warming drawers, washers & dryers, etc.  * Please let us know if something is broken or not working perfectly, so we may decide how to proceed with the item*

CABINETS – One of our favorites! Kitchen, bath, garage, laundry room, wood, metal, old, new, painted, gently used, etc. We LOVE them all!  *Damaged beyond use or cabinets with mold/mildew are just about the only ones that we can’t accept. *

COUNTER TOPS – Yes! We prefer non L-shaped or cut out laminate countertops.

Décor – Sure do!

Doors – Absolutely! No hollow core slab doors. We prefer the frames intact and secured.

Electrical – Gladly!

Flooring – Mostly. We do NOT accept used carpeting or rugs, and we ask if you have loose flooring, please bundle it in manageable sized bundles or place in a box.

FURNITURE – WE LOVE FURNITURE! Please, please, please make sure upholstered furniture is not covered in pet hair/urine or damaged beyond use. If you wouldn’t give it to your mother, we probably don’t want to sell it in our store.

HVAC – Yep! Any unit that has a cut line must be accompanied by a certificate of removal.

HARDWARE – Definitely! Please remember that nobody likes rusted hardware.

KITCHEN & BATH ACCESSORIES – Affirmative! Towel bars/rings, tissue holders, medicine cabinets, we love them all! Please try to keep the pieces together. *Please note, we do not accept unframed mirrors.*

LIGHTS & CEILING FANS – Surely! Please try to keep all the pieces together and let us know if something is broken. No loose bulbs or used fluorescent bulbs, please.

LUMBER/TRIM/SIDING – You betcha! For safety reasons please remove all nails/screws, and please do not donate scrap or trash pieces. We prefer lumber that is free of mold and mildew!

OUTDOOR ITEMS – Gladly! Lawn mowers, landscaping tools, mail boxes, fountains, etc.

ROOFING – YES! Must be new and in full packages.

PAINT/STAIN – To a degree. Because we spend so much money disposing of waste paint, we no longer accept donations of liquid products from residential donors. Commercial donations of new/unopened products will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

PLUMBING – Of course- MUST BE CLEAN AND EMPTY OF LIQUIDS! Toilets, tubs, showers, PVC, Copper, PEX, fittings, valves, shower heads, etc. Toilets must be made in 2005 or newer. Don’t know how old your toilet is? Look inside the tank or on the tank lid.

SINKS – Certainly! As fun as they were back in the day, we do NOT prefer shell shaped sinks.

STORAGE – If you can store something in it or on it, we want it! Totes, wire shelving, book shelves, etc.

TOOLS – Beyond a doubt! We ALWAYS want tools!

WINDOWS – Surely! Please don’t donate windows with broken seals or glass and remove any nails/screws. Safety FIRST!

Here’s what we DON’T take: 

  • Televisions
  • Mattresses
  • Used carpeting and pad
  • Unframed glass/mirrors
  • Anything damaged or dirty beyond use
  • Shower
  • Unboxed blinds
  • Effective as of 5/1/2019, the ReStore may no longer accept liquid donations in our drop off lane or via our pickup service from residential donors.  Specifically, we are unable to accept paint, stain, cleaning products, solvents, sealants, adhesives, or pesticides.  Commercial donations of new and unopened products will be considered upon request. Residents of St. Charles County are encouraged to utilize alternative recycling/disposal options in our community such as Recycle Works :  636-949-7900 Ext 4271

Please use COMMON SENSE when donating to the ReStore.  Trash is one of our greatest expenses because some donors think it “It’s good enough for those people.” Remember that everyone wants and deserves nice things. If you wouldn’t buy it for someone you love, we probably don’t want to put it in the store.

If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 636-978-5712 or shoot an email to donations@habitatstcharles.org. Remember, if you need your items picked up, you can schedule it online.

Habitat St. Charles ReStore:

186 Mid Rivers Center

St. Peters, MO 63376

United States