We aim to make donating items easy!

Instead of what we do take, here is what we don’t take:

Used carpeting and pad
Hazardous chemicals of any kind
Unframed glass/mirrors
Anything damaged or dirty beyond used
Shower Doors
Unboxed blinds

Effective as of 5/1/2019, the ReStore may no longer accept liquid donations in our drop off lane or via our pickup service from residential donors.  Specifically, we are unable to accept paint, stain, cleaning products, solvents, sealants, adhesives, or pesticides.  Commercial donations of new and unopened products will be considered upon request.

  • Residents of St. Charles County are encouraged to utilize alternative recycling/disposal options in our community such as…  Recycle Works :  636-949-7900 Ext 4271

Televisions contain hazardous chemicals that require special recycling procedures. Normally we request a monetary donation to help cover this cost. However, thanks to a generous grant provided to us to help with our recycling efforts we are able to offer this service free of charge!

1SDS partners the ReStore with other organizations so that items get where they can best serve our community.

Oh, and we are diverting THOUSANDS of TONS of waste from local landfills, too!